About Us


About Signmastr


Signmastr Advertising Sdn. Bhd. (Signmastr) is a one-stop printing & signboard company based in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. We offer the simplest yet elegant concept for our customers, preparing them for success when they establish a new business.

To provide our customers with the most ideal services, we have created a concept of “from idea to completion”, which customers only need to provide us with their business concept and leave all the hassle to us. Signmastr will provide and design the ideal concepts for you, and also propose what are the several signage needed in a new business establishment.

With Signmastr, you can now focus on scaling your business, and leave all the hassle to us!



-Determine Scope
-Set Schedule and Timeline


-Interpret Client’s Needs & Objectives
-Create Construction Drawings
-Source Materials


-Submit Drawings for Review
-Submit Materials for Approval




-Staging for Installation
-QC & Packaging


-Zero Punch List

Walk Through

-Address any Small Issues
-Project Completed

A 365-Degree Signboard Solution Provider

Starting up a new business and expanding it into broader dimensions, requires a perfect Branding and Marketing strategy.

With effective Signage ideas, your brand could have increased market reach and grab a lot of customers.



Our company value come with the following alphabet S.I.G.N.M.A.S.T.R.

We provide a supreme Innovative Graceful and Niceness design come with the Mastermind Achieve Spread Thinking and Renovative.

As our slogan, providing customers with innovative ideas and designs, and creating unique business signboard ideas for customers are our core ideas and values.


Simultaneously, “SIGNMASTR” was born consisting of two words “Signage and Master". Following our concept, to provide and manufacture unique signage for customers, and at the same time have professional advice.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to have a person or thing who is the proficient master in everything in their respective fields, thus that
taking out E letter which means "Each", to remember with reverence that need continuous improvement and continuous strengthen our business in order to become a trustworthy entrepreneur in the field.

Our Mission


“we Do, we Draw, we Design”

To provide "3D" exceptional service and to follow through on our promises. We will always be there with honest, expert advice, quick, and friendly customer service.


Our Vision


“Be Genuine, Be Remarkable, Be Worth Connecting With”

Signmastr Group endeavours to become recognized as the benchmark of outstanding service, not only in advertising industry, it's true in all industries. We “WORK” with you to develop a relationship that is result in oriented cost efficient and to be your best sidekick.

Core Values


Unity Cooperation